plastic recycling

City Recycling are based in Whittlesey, Cambridgeshire and service many industries throughout the UK. We appreciate that many companies recycle plastics in-house but the costs of equipment, labour, storage, services, supervision and health & safety issues can make this part of your business unprofitable.

Why not get paid for your scrap and save all of those associated costs to reinvest in your business?

Our quotations are based on all materials being clean and free from contaminates and segregated into the various material types. This allows us to either return to you in a granulated pellet size of your choice or to sell on back to the market. Transportation can be arranged and included within our quoted price and will reflect the load size and location.

We also offer a Toll grinding service with the flexibility to meet your needs.

Contact City Recycling to discuss your requirements and obtain a quotation.

toll grinding

City Recycling offers toll grinding services from our 60,000 sq. ft. warehouse and handle most thermoplastics & film. Our Zerma & two Blackfriars granulator machines have many screen sizes available, and comes equipped with cyclones and metal detection systems.

We are able to deconstruct sub-assemblies or remove inserts, if viable, to recycle the main body of plastic material which may otherwise go to landfill.

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Check your waste stream, recycle, increase your efficiency and profitability

These are a selection of businesses that have benefitted from our service :

• Injection moulders/ extruders
• Blow moulders
• Rotational moulders
• Packaging companies
• White goods manufacturers
• Window & door manufacturers
• Cardboard / Box manufacturers
• Lighting industries
• Building companies
• Chair/Stadium installers
• Charities School equipment suppliers
• Farming industries
• Animal feed manufacturers
• Artificial grass manufacturers/installers
• Printing companies
• Food manufacturers
• Carpet manufacturers
• Recycling companies
• Storage & warehousing

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