plastic recycling

Our plastic recycling service largely consists of the collection of baled plastic film and plastic bottles. We recycle all types of plastic bottles– clear, coloured, cloudy and we can supply dedicated bins for these bottles and also a system for shrink and bubble wrap.

There are seven main classes of plastics which have been coded on packaging to give guidance to consumers on the different types of recyclable plastics. The different categories are shown in the table below. Although all recyclable in theory, the most common and easy to recycle are PETE and HDPE but all plastics need to be clean and have no contamination of any sort.

We recycle polyethylene film, shrink wrap, clean plastic bottles & rigid plastics including end of life or redundant stock. We also undertake toll work with a granulate size of your choice.

identifying plastics

toll grinding

City Recycling offers toll grinding services from our 60,000 sq. ft. warehouse and handle most thermoplastics & film. Our Zerma & two Blackfriars granulator machines have many screen sizes available, and comes equipped with cyclones and metal detection systems.

We are able to deconstruct sub-assemblies or remove inserts, if viable, to recycle the main body of plastic material which may otherwise go to landfill.

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